A Value Investing Course

This course is the result of me being “intelligently obsessed” with Warren Buffett for years.
Make no mistake: It’s not about the amount of money that you start with, but the amount of knowledge
you possess.

Marco Turco

A Sneak Peek in Our 12 part Curriculum Of "The Joy of Investing"
  • Course Presentation: What “Value Investing” really is and why “Super-Investors” are “Value Investors
  • The Money Blueprint” and having the right temperament towards the market – Chapter 8 of the “Intelligent Investor
  • Technical Skills and “Why Common Stocks”?
  • The accounting background needed for investing and how to interpret financial ratios: an unconventional approach
  • Financial statements and key financial ratios
  • Risk: What it really is and where it comes from
  • Diversification“- what it really is: an uncommon approach and considerations
  • Value Investing: the first “stage
  • Margin of Safety – Chapter 20 of the “Intelligent Investor
  • Value Investing: the second “stage”- the Earnings Power
  • Owner’s Earnings Power
  • How to evaluate a business: the key variables

This course has a practical approach to investing and is applicable from the get-go. Nonetheless, a deeper understanding is recommended: a 3-day, full-immersion seminar that goes along with the basic course. The focus during these three days is on the following essential topics:

  • How to deep dive into the figures and numbers of a business
  • My way and the Buffett Way of “finding Value” in a company
  • A focused portfolio of common stocks/businesses and how you can start to build one
  • Permanent holdings, “less permanent” holdings and “workouts
  • How to cogitate market prices
  • Practical exercises and research for the market
  • Evaluation studies
  • A final analysis of what type of approach to investing you are developing

Happy Investing,
Marco Turco

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Accounting For Investing in Common Stocks

Evaluation Stiudies

How To Cogitate Market Prices

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How To Develop The Right Attitude Towards The Market

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Evaluating A Company: How To Read Financial Reports

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