The Joy of Investing
with Marco Turco

“ Learning how to evaluate well

will change your world “

Marco Turco

Warren Buffett

  Marco Turco

My story

Marco Turco started his first RE Brokerage Firm in Rome (Italy) in 2005, and subsequently his own investment Company in Poland.

“My heroes and teachers have been a lot into sharing, and so I decided at 45 to start to give back and promote the culture of so called Value Investing because it worked for me and it’s the only Investment philosophy I know”.

Father of a 15 years old boy, he lives in South Florida, USA.


A value
Investing school

I founded Sunrise Wise, an educational Company to promote the Culture of Value Investing because I think true investing must bring Value to the table and create wealth.

Intelligent allocations of capitals benefit society and establish new opportunities to give back.

  The Handbook

The Joy
of investing

You will find a lot of concepts that are more about a philosophy of investing and temperament than mere technical skills. Without some temperamental qualities and the right attitude towards the market, technical skills of any kind can be ineffective.

  • We like the lack of stimulation, we get facts not stimulation here

Warren Buffett


My value
Investing course

What is Value investing and why is timeless?

What type of accounting background do you need to assess Value?

Which are the key variables of a company that you really want to know before buying into its stocks?


A brief glimpse before the deep dive into value
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